Pricing Information

All carvings are handmade and designed by Dennie Ibbotson.  Before a project is begun, an oil painting or watercolor rendering of the proposed design is created for client approval.  

Upon completion of the carving, all pieces are preserved with an application of varathane or hand-rubbed with tung oil, making them suitable for interior or exterior use.  Each job will be quoted according to the following guidelines:


  • There is an initial design fee of $500 for the design time and oil painting sketch of a proposed project.  The charge will be included as part of the total price when a project is commissioned.  If an on-site visit is necessary, travel expenses from Evergreen, Colorado to the project site are to be paid by the client.


  • Standard sugar pine doors (3' x 6'8") start at $600 to build;  beetlekill doors start at $1,000;  door jambs start at an additional $350.  
  • Artwork starts at $150 per hour (based on the intricacy of the project, plus cost of any inlays (such as stained glass or turquoise used).


  • Carvings start at $150 per square foot for customer-designed logos
  • In addition, carvings requiring artwork are priced starting at $150-$300 per hour (based on the intricacy of the project, and any inlays used).


  • 50% due upon acceptance of design and commissioning of the project
  • Balance due upon completion of the project but prior to shipment
  • Shipping will be paid by the client

Please do not hesitate to call Dennie Ibbotson at
(303) 670-1445
to explore any project you may have in mind!

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