"The rhythmic striking of mallet against oak breaks the silence of the aspen and pine-studded countryside near Mount Evans elk refuge in Evergreen, Colorado.  Pipe smoke accents the sweet mountain air and not far away Upper Bear Creek crashes down the mountains. 

  This is wood carver Dennie Ibbotson's "studio."  Ibbotson, an Ohio native, has become one of Colorado's most celebrated artisans.  His signs, doors and mantels decorate hundreds of area businesses and homes." (quoted from the Rocky Mountain News Sunday Magazine, Thomas Kelsey, staff photographer) 

  Ibbotson, who began carving in 1977, has been presented with 33 design awards from the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce as well as the focus of attention of local and national media.  Dennie has appeared on NBC's "Nickles Worth", ABC's "Positively Colorado" and appeared on PBS's "America Today."  

As smoke from his ever-present pipe curls around his face, wood carver Dennie Ibbotson puts the finishing touches on a door.  

Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain News, Thomas Kelsey, photographer.

  Dennie's studio is perched high in the Rocky Mountains -- with a brisk trout stream running at his doorstep and 550,000 square acres of elk refuge and wilderness just across the yard. His carvings reflect the natural ruggedness and colors of western life, visually capturing the vitality of his mountain spirit.   Hand-carved native Colorado wildlife and Native American Indian scenes are his forte.  "I get my inspiration from where I live -- the animals that surround me.  I try to tell a story, to express the Indian's love and respect for nature -- the way it used to be," he says. 

Each carving starts with a drawing.  

Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain News, Thomas Kelsey, photographer.

Each project begins with a watercolor or oil rendering of an idea that is presented to the client for approval.  Then a carving is produced from the rendering.  Though a door can weigh in at more than 600 pounds, the procedure is "very gentle when I'm working with my smaller chisels," he says, "doing the smaller detail work . . . like creating feathers in an eagle's wing."  The final phase includes decorative embellishments, such as oil paint, turquoise, beadwork or gold.
 One of his most exciting projects was a 1987 carving of the state of Texas for country music star Willie Nelson's birthday.  Other clients include corporate leaders from Coors, Anheuser-Busch and Merrill Lynch.  His unique approach to wood has given these corporations' logos a fresh look.  

  The functional role of a door becomes an extension of Ibbotson's intensity.  People have to touch them when opening and closing them, allowing an "energy exchange" that Ibbotson loves.  "These aren't just carvings," he says.  "A door is an expression of your outlook on life to your friends."

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