Hand-carved Doors in Beautiful Beetle Kill Pine by Laughing Sun

Mother Nature, in her natural wisdom, created a means by which she thins the forest - the pine beetle.  It attacks weak and overcrowded pine trees by boring into the wood.  It carries with it a fungus that actually kills the tree.  Most healthy trees will survive an attack, but the weak ones are naturally destroyed.  As a by product, the fungus discolors the wood with a bluish green tinge - making for a beautiful piece of lumber when harvested and milled.  Dennie is now carving doors in this unique wood and they are beautiful!  Below are a few samples.  Custom orders as always are welcomed.

Feel free to call Dennie at (303) 670-1445 to explore any project you may have in mind.

Click on an image below to see a larger version of the door and more detailed information.

(1)  Majestic Mountain Bugle

(2) Two Elk Speaking

(3)  Mountain Moose



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Please do not hesitate to call Dennie Ibbotson at
(303) 670-1445
to explore any project you may have in mind!

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